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1. General Information

Please be informed that the availability of products may affect your order. In the event that an item is out of stock when you place your order, we will promptly notify you. If possible, we will suggest a suitable substitute and proceed with updating your order upon your approval.

1.1 Delivery Location

Items offered on our website are only available for delivery to addresses in Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhilai/Durg, Nagpur, Nasik Aurangabad, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad, and Bhubneshwar. Any shipments outside of [these cities] are not available at this time.

1.2 Delivery Time

Once your order is placed, we will provide you with an estimated delivery time. Please note that these delivery times are only estimates and begin from the date of your order. They should be used as a reference and are subject to the acceptance and approval of your order.

We will strive to fulfill your order within the agreed-upon timeframe, unless there are extraordinary circumstances that prevent us from doing so.

Please note we do not ship on Sundays here in Bilaspur, Bhilai/Durg, Nagpur, Nasik Aurangabad, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad, and Bhubneshwar.

The delivery date may differ based on the shipping practices of the carrier, the delivery location, the method of delivery, and the items that have been ordered.

1.3 Delivery Instructions

[You can provide special delivery instructions while ordering.]

1.4 Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping is determined by the city where you have made your order and the chosen method of delivery. To determine the total cost of your order, add the desired items to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. At the checkout screen, you will be able to view the shipping charges.

Up to Rs. 299Rs. 15
Rs. 300 – Rs. 1000FREE Shipping
Rs. 1000 or moreFREE Shipping

1.5 Damaged Items in Transport

If there are any issues with the packaging upon delivery, please get in touch with us promptly at [07714216666 or [email protected]].

1.6 Questions

If you require any assistance regarding the delivery, shipment, or your order, please feel free to reach out to us [07714216666 or promptly at [07714216666 or [email protected]].

2. Terms of Shipping And Delivery

2.1 We strive to ensure that the products you purchase are delivered to you promptly and within the specified timeframe. However, please be aware that there may be delays in delivery due to various factors like:

(a) Unforeseen logistical challenges.

(b) Unfavourable weather conditions.

(c) Political disruptions, strikes, employee lockouts, governmental restrictions, etc.

(d) Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.

(e) Unanticipated events beyond our control.

2.1 In the event of any delays, we will make every effort to notify you by sending a written message to the email address and/or mobile number you have provided us with. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may occur if we fail to inform you of any delays in the delivery of your purchased items on our platform. Additionally, we are not obligated to provide compensation for any claims that may arise due to delays in the shipping, delivery, or use of the purchased products.

2.2 We reserve the right to impose shipping fees on products from time to time. The shipping charges may vary depending on factors such as the product's value, type, delivery location, and payment method. By agreeing to our terms, you acknowledge that we are authorized to collect the shipping and delivery fees on behalf of our logistics partner. If we do charge shipping fees for a purchased product, please note that these fees will not be refunded in the event of a return request. However, we may consider exceptions and refund the shipping fees if the product delivered is defective, damaged, deficient, or incorrect (subject to our verification and discretion). Please be aware that once the purchased products are delivered to you, the title and risk associated with them will pass on to you.

2.3 We cannot assure the accuracy or correctness of the tracking status, as it may be affected by time lags in updating the information and other technical difficulties beyond our control.

2.4 We strive to engage logistic partners, employees, and agents who uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects professionalism, competence, and good manners. Please be aware that we do not have control over the actions and behavior of delivery individuals, and it is not feasible for us to monitor each and every delivery executive. As we are solely facilitating the delivery of a product purchased by you, we cannot be held liable for any actions or omissions on the part of our delivery agents, employees, or personnel, as well as the logistic partner or their employees, agents, or personnel. This includes any deficiencies in service, incorrect delivery of the product, delays in delivery, or tampering with the product packaging. To clarify, any instances of rudeness, impoliteness, discourtesy, or offensiveness displayed by our delivery executives or the employees, agents, or personnel of the Logistic Partners are beyond our control. Any disputes or issues that arise between you and our delivery executive or an employee, agent, or personnel of the Logistic Partner will need to be resolved independently by you. By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you will not hold us responsible or expect us to mediate, settle, or resolve any disputes between you and the delivery personnel responsible for delivering the products to you.